Email Overwhelm Got You Down?

100's of emails, and you don't know what to do?

Did you know there's a better, more efficient way to manage your inbox? It's all about setting up your inbox to work smarter and harder for you! Ditch that overwhelm in just 5 days!

What's Included

5 Days of actionable tasks to kick your inbox into shape!

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    5 Day Inbox Detox Challenge

    • Welcome to the 5 Day Inbox Detox Challenge!

    • Day 1: Priority Inbox

    • Day 2: Labels & Filters

    • Day 3: Declare Email Bankruptcy

    • Day 4: Importance Markers

    • Day 5: Email Nudges

Start Your New Year Organized!

Don't start the new year stressing over your inbox. Kick it into shape and start the New Year Organized!