You're tired of opening that inbox...

to find so many new emails that you don't know where to start. You're missing deadlines, forgetting to reply to urgent emails and you just wish there was a better way to see the important stuff without having to slog through the junk.
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Who this course is designed for....

  • Are you...

    a Virtual Assistant ready to learn a new skill or service to offer to your current or potential clients?

  • Maybe you're an...

    Executive Assistant tasked with monitoring and managing your C-Level employer or client's inbox.

  • Or is this you...

    a budding entrepreneur whose own email inbox has just gotten away from them and needs to be brought back under control.

By the end of this program you will have learned:

  • Understand all the settings, what they mean and why they're important

  • Create a solid infrastructure of labels and folders for the new system to function on

  • Confidently Restructure the inbox to function at optimal efficiency

  • Learn how to set up automatic filters

  • Accurately import email and email addresses from other email service providers

  • Properly Maintain business contact records

  • Increase Efficiency by creating a Client Response Guide

Here's What Our Alumni Are Saying...

Dan Rondeau - My Marketing VA

“The amount of knowledge Carrie provides in this course will BLOW your mind! I did not even know that Gmail could do THIS much. I am so thankful to have this information now in my bank to implement!”

Cindy Kocsis - Virtual Professional Solutions

 "This was a game-changer for me!  Not only did it provide a plethora of invaluable info, it helped me set up a practical system for managing my email inbox that I hadn't realized existed.  I am now excited about email and can't wait to learn more thanks to Carrie's processes."

Betsy Fanning - BF Virtual Associates, LLC

"Carrie Wulf is the master of the email inbox. As fast as life moves, our email boxes get out of control so fast causing us to focus our time and energy away from what’s important. Carrie is able to bring an end to the chaos which allows me to focus on the important work of maintaining my business and working with my clients. I’m so excited that Carrie is sharing her expertise through training sessions to empower us all to be better with our email."

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Module 1

The Secret is in the Settings

It pays to learn what each email setting is, where most people just turn off or don't use the settings they don't know or aren't familiar with; you can increase your marketability by understanding exactly what they are and how they work.

We'll start by setting you up for success by going through each setting, what it means and what it does.  You'll no longer have to use a setting "just because", you will know exactly how it helps and why it's important.


  • Understand what the POP and IMAP settings are and what can happen if they are not enabled while you are trying to manage your client's email remotely.
  • Not only will we cover the settings and what they mean, but you will get a PDF checklist  for a quick reference of these settings to refer back to when you need it.
  • An explanation of the Advanced Settings and how your client can access their email when they are Offline with no WiFi connection. This can be exceptionally helpful during flights or commutes through dead zones, giving them access to answer emails during what used to be an unproductive downtime.

Module 2

Colors & Labels & Folders, Oh My!

Without a solid foundation to build your house on, it would crumble. When you lack infrastructure, you are set up for failure. An email inbox also needs a solid foundation built of labels and folders to hold up that system allowing it to function and not fail.

In this module, you will establish the new foundation for a solid email system by learning what it means to show labels, hide labels, and choose what list you want a label to be visible in.


  • Gain a complete working knowledge of what all the different types of label lists are and what it means if you show or hide a label in that list. You will also understand how to edit and take action on the different labels.
  • Become trained in a new method of triaging and flagging incoming emails for immediate action, quick responses, and frequently sent responses that can be addressed with a template email. Being able to triage an inbox quickly will benefit you and your client, allowing you both to see at a glance what are the high priority items and what can be addressed second, third, and so on.
  • Develop your key and rules for triaging the inbox. This will be the most important working document that you and your client will work on together as you discover which labels and flags need to be adjusted or tweaked.

Module 3

Priority Inbox

With so many inbox "types," how do you know which one is the BEST one? When you finish with this module, you will have the skills to confidently restructure an inbox to a Priority Inbox AND optimize each section's settings.

Increase your marketability further with the knowledge of how to restructure an inbox, and give your client the structure that they need to see at a glance what requires their immediate attention, and what is important but less urgent.


  • Understand each type of inbox and its benefits. Email is not a one-size-fit-all system; knowing what each type of inbox can and cannot do will establish YOU as the expert!
  • Position yourself as the inbox expert to explain to your client why the Priority Inbox is the best setting for them (and how the set up they are currently using is hurting their productivity).
  • Confidently set each section in the inbox with its own settings to maximize your client's and ultimately your productivity.

Module 4

Fun with Filters

Filters are one of the most often overlooked but incredibly efficient automations to set up in an inbox. They're also the most versatile in their usefulness.  Don't overlook the importance that they can play in maintaining an organized inbox.  Secure your value by learning this simple automation!


  • Increase your productivity while decreasing your time spent in the inbox by deploying filters to automate your email triaging, sorting and labeling.
  • Boost your position by knowing how to edit and override existing filters to increase their efficiency.
  • Use filters to your advantage when taking an inbox from chaos to calm. Filters can help you declare email bankruptcy as you quickly delete or archive specific emails in bulk, based on the parameters that YOU set.

Module 5

Merging and Importing Contacts

Are you struggling to handle multiple email addresses for yourself or your client? Wouldn't it be easier and save time if you only had to log into one account to check and send email?


  • Save time by importing  additional email accounts and checking all the email from one primary address. Eliminating the extra step of logging in and repeating the entire triage process for multiple inboxes can save you hours, and your client money every month.
  • Become an expert at adding multiple email addresses, giving you the option to send an email from a different email address while still working from the primary email account! You will also learn how to set one address as the default sender address while still retaining the ability to send as other addresses, such as ""
  • Did your client make you a delegate of their email account instead giving you full access? Are you unable to change and update some settings? Learn exactly what the difference is between being a delegate and having full access, and what that means you do and do not have access to perform.

Module 6


Have you marveled at how a contact's email address populated automatically when you start typing it in as you address an email? Have you wondered why some contacts do this and some don't? It all revolves around the way you maintain your client's contact information. Are those records complete and accurate? Establish yourself as the Contact Czar by knowing exactly where to go and how to maintain these records!


  • You will understand the difference is between the auto-complete setting, and what it means to manually update and complete a contact's information. Through this process, you will become well versed at merging and fixing duplicate addresses and contact information. 
  • Become an expert at setting up mailing lists and groups, saving you and your client the hassle of manually entering each recipient one at a time. 

Module 7

Client Response Guide

Do you find yourself typing out the same responses to similar questions or requests over and over again? Learn how to lay the foundation to develop a customer service manual of responses, and create a series of template responses in your client's email. This will increase their response time and increase your value as their email manager. 


  • Use Google's own Document features to create a Customer Service Client Response Guide for your client that will become an invaluable asset.
  • Increase your client's response time by enabling the Template Email feature, allowing you to turn your Customer Service Client Response Guide into template emails that you can respond with right away. YOU will become the expert at setting up, editing, and sending those template emails.

One of the smartest things I did was to hire Carrie to be my Right Hand! I benefit from her organizational skills and knowledge of Google Workspace. I no longer dread checking my Gmail account because I know immediately what needs my attention and what can wait until I have more time. As Carrie's knowledge of Google expands, I enjoy the perks of changes and additions she makes. Amazing how Carrie works her magic!!

Mary J. Hanley
My Virtual Service

Email Management: Taking Your Client's Inbox from Chaos to Clarity

A $2,597 Value

  • 7 Training Modules

    showing you EXACTLY which settings to check and adjust to set up an inbox for optimum efficiency. You will get a step-by-step walk-through of all the settings, what they do and why they are important to position yourself as the inbox management expert that your client needs.

  • A complete set of Digital Workbooks, Checklists or PDF's

    for each module that you can refer back to whenever you need to. The ability to have these quick reference documents at your fingertips will solidify your authority as the go-to person for email management needs.

  • Level up your Client Care by developing a Client Response Guide

    You will learn how to create and maintain this document, and implement it in the form of template emails to increase response time to frequently asked questions and frequently sent replies on behalf of your client.

Plus These Bonuses To Help ou Maintain Your Momentum and Success

Bonus #1

8 weeks of Private Facebook Support inside the Email Management group.

Get unstuck, have your questions answered, and maintain your momentum as you work your way through the lessons and steps.

(a $497 value)

What You'll Get:

  • 8 Weeks (that's over 50 days!) of support to make sure that you get your questions answered and can move forward as the Email Inbox Expert.
  • A place to overcome the overwhelm and fill your motivation cup by connecting with other virtual assistants and entrepreneurs as they are going through the course.  Motivate and help each other as you are going through the same journey.
  • After the 8 weeks inside the Email Management Private Group, you'll be invited into my Email Management Support Group where you can continue to get support for your email questions and struggles.

Bonus #2

The Calendar Management Module

Access to the Calendar Management Module 

when you Pay in Full. Learn the in's and out's of how the Google Calendar works and all the settings that you can tweak and optimize to enhance your client's day-to-day operations.

You will gain the know-how to confidently run a calendar and schedule in conjunction with email management, making yours a highly valued service.

(a $497 value)

What You'll Get:

  • 5 Additional lessons on Calendar Management teaching you what settings to check and adjust to make Google Calendar and Gmail work together seamlessly.
  • Insider tips and tricks on which Chrome extensions, add-ons, and processes can make your daily calendar management smooth and effortless. Give your client the peace of mind that you have their calendar under control as you manage their schedule with confidence and ease.
  • Become the expert on how to share a calendar with different access permissions, share a Google calendar to a non-Google user, and add calendars through different import options. There will be no more double bookings or missed meetings; increasing your value as a calendar management expert.

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You can make a one-time payment (and get an extra bonus), or select to make three monthly payments

Plus You'll be backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

Let me share this with you upfront.

Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank fame has been quoted as saying that one of the best ways to earn money right now amidst this global pandemic is to become a virtual assistant because this type of work is "exploding."

This Email Management online course will teach you the in-demand skill of email management. You will learn the steps you need to turn an inefficient inbox into a functional and healthy system with confidence.  If there was ever a time to transition into a virtual career, this is it!

Now, here's the kicker.

By the end of these 14 days, you will have access to the first two modules, and their digital downloads. 

Meaning, you will Understand all the settings, what they mean and why they're important to the efficiency of the inbox, and Create a solid infrastructure of labels and folders for the new system to function BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't feel totally confident in your ability to understand the settings and create that necessary infrastructure, simply reach out, show us that you've put in the work and we'll refund your investment. Full details can be found here.

Enroll in Email Management Today

You can make a one-time payment (and get an extra bonus), or select to make three monthly payments

I personally cannot wait to guide you through this course over the next 7 weeks...

Are you ready to be an expert Email Management Virtual Assistant? Honing my skills as a G Suite Certified Email and Calendar Management Virtual Assistant has given me so much knowledge and freedom to be my own boss and run my business my way. 

To be able to experience firsthand the freedom to work on your own terms, when and where YOU want to work, performing a skill that you understand and enjoy is a feeling that I want for all my students.

I am excited to share all of my Google knowledge with others so that they can experience the satisfaction that I feel when I pull an organized inbox out of the chaos of hundreds of emails.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that the next 7 weeks will be eye-opening and will bring you an organizational clarity that you didn't think was possible.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside my Email Management course.


Carrie Wulf

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You can make a one-time payment (and get an extra bonus), or select to make three monthly payments